Black Mirror Podcast Season 4

 This is the discussion board for season 4 which includes these episodes: USS Callister Arkangel Crocodile Hang the DJ Metalhead Black Museum

Knowing the Constitution

it seems to me, with the current political temp and things I hear coming out of the mouth of mainstream media and others that we don't really know what we are talking about with regards to the constitution. whether this is due to a failure of the education system, our parents, society or just plain ignorance because it's been too long since we have been to school or read the constitution, your guess is as good as mine. Either way, I want to fix it. the best way to cure ignorance is with education and so we begin but I want your input. this series is going to happen in several episodes and either way, you would like me to go, it will be edited down and put in its own playlist on youtube. so here are the questions would you rather me do these episodes as: stand-alone episodes or- put into a regular Saturday show in its own segment? and if the former is true would you rather it be on  Saturday, earlier than the regular show lets say 5ish central or Sunday 7pm ce

The Black Mirror Podcast Season 3

Here we go, the long-awaited season 3 of Black Mirror. This is intended to be the discussion board for this entire season which include these episodes: NoseDive PlayTest Shut up and Dance San Junipero Men against Fire Hated Nation. Holy crap this is a long season, so buckle up and come along for the ride.

Black Mirror Podcast Season 2

Welcome to the Season 2 Discussion Board Any talking points are welcome, or you can use what was brought up in the episode. The Episodes in this Season are as follows: Be Right Back White Bear The Waldo Moment White Christmas These conversations will be discussed during the Season 2 recap.  If you would prefer watching the video, go to and become a tier 2 subscriber

Lets Have A Discussion

This is a discussion page for Season 1 of the Black Mirror Podcast where we talk about the Netflix original series, Black Mirror. The Episodes in this series are National Anthem 15 Million Merits Entire History of You Listen to the podcast for talking points or make your own. Comments are welcome and will be discussed as bonus material content at the end of each season. Let the Games Begin

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