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Some Awesome and Amazing things on the Horizon

Hello and Welcome As the title suggests, I have some awesome and amazing things coming in the near future. the only bad thing is, I can't tell you about some of the most exciting of them. There are some things I can tell you. In the near future, within the next 2 weeks, we will have a new edition to the WSP (Weaponized Sloth Productions) Family, hosting a yet to be named show. Roger is the newest edition with an awesome show in the works. As soon as I have more information on how to find his show and when it goes live, it will be put here. I would appreciate your support in welcoming him to the WSP Family. Also, by the end of the year, there should be another member joining the team, more information on that when it comes to light. The Really exciting things I can't tell you. To give a little hint. Brandon and I have both been wanting to do this, and with the successes of another Podcaster, we now know something like this is doable. This New and amazing thing is, my fin

Tomorrow's Show "The Dawn of a New Era

I am so excited about tomorrows show. The Topic, New Media. I will have a very special guest calling in from... I won't tell you where. I'm playing this a little closer to the chest, I want it to be a surprise.